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Don't Starve: Hamlet in Early Access

Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment’s dark and whimsical survival horror game, is a game I return to again and again. Even the original base game provided hours of playtime. You play as one of several characters dropped into a randomly generated cartoon hellscape with no supplies and a warning that you look hungry. You gather supplies—rocks, twigs, grass—to build tools that let you break rocks, chop down trees, build fire, and cook food you scavenge. You continue gathering resources from there, dealing with the sometimes friendly, often times deadly local wildlife.


Today’s my 33rd birthday. Yes, I am aware that I’m past retirement age by Internet standards. I’m awaiting the stone in my hand to start flashing to carry me away to the after-world of Facebook any moment now.

The Haunting of Hill House: A History

Yesterday, Netflix announced that Shirley Jackson's gothic masterpiece The Haunting of Hill House is coming to the streaming service as a 10 episode series. Mike Flanagan, the writer/director of Gerald's Game and Ouija: Origin of Evil, is the show runner. I'll be perfectly honest. I did not expect this. I don't know if there was an earlier announcement I missed, but I never could have anticipated The Haunting of Hill House would be adapted into such a long format.

The Haunting of Hill House is a touchstone of literary horror. Originally published in 1959, Shirley Jackson's masterful haunted house story is one of the rare horror novels to be a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction (1960). It is undeniably a gothic horror in the Victorian rather than Southern tradition, set in a sprawling mansion where scientific research standards are used to prove the existence of ghosts. The novel comes complete with a tragic and lonely heroine, doors that open and close on their own, locals who refuse to go anywhere near the mansion (especially at night), a phantom dog, and a dark secret in the attic. It is an especially sophisticated entry in the genre, as much a woman's journey of self-discovery as it is a terrifying text. 

Dead by Daylight: Scorching Summer BBQ Event

I mentioned this in the review of the Curtain Call DLC, but I'm really impressed with how well Behavior Interactive have taken control of their game after buying the rights back from Starbreeze. They're fully invested in their new cosmetic store, coming up with fun and clever designs for all the unlicensed characters that add variety to the look of the game. The "wear the darkest clothing to hide" meta is losing out to the sheer joy of dressing Claudette in a tie-dye broom skirt or Ace in a bright pink sweater. You can still hide and look stylish.

More importantly, they are committed to constantly adding in new content to the game. The mid-season patch was only two weeks ago and we're already at a new seasonal event. This new event also patches the broken Tinkerer II bug and a few other major issues from the mid-season patch.

Sort of. Probably. Maybe?

It's a long story filled with twists and turns and splashing into a deep dive of depression I'm only just resurfacing from.

So, you know, typical school year. Only not, since it ended with me no longer willing to work for a school I've worked with for 11 years because of some unprecedented (but not, but totally, possibly maybe) bad behavior. There's a caveat there, but it's unlikely since they made my value to them very clear.