What the Oscars Missed

While the Academy Awards are (kindly, mercifully) over, the Academy's omissions are still strong with us. Many key categories saw glaring snubs that make it hard to take all of the wins so seriously. Here are a few of my major sticking points. Best Original Song

"Chanson Illusionist" from The Illusionist

Case closed. That song is gorgeous. That and the voice actors impersonating famous singers and celebrities from the period are spot on. It's asking too much for the Academy's Music Branch to be culturally literate, isn't it?

Best Makeup

Shutter Island

From the scars on George Noyce's face to the rapidly deteriorating appearance of Teddy Daniels, this film had strong narrative makeup work. At least it made the long list.

Best Visual Effects

Black Swan

This film is all visual effects. There are things that you don't even realize they had to have done. Do you know how dirty a stage gets when people rehearse on it.

Best Supporting Actress

Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcist

Forget that Eli Roth got this film distributed (he did not make the film or effect the production at all), this performance from Ashley Bell as the ultra-religious and sheltered Nell Sweetzer is breathtaking. It's a modern spin on Carrie White, only requiring physical contortions and massive vocal range (as Bell does all her own stunts and vocal manipulations). The film's pretty damn strong, too.

Best Actor

Dany Boon, Micmacs

This charming, mostly physical, comedic performance is effortless and captivating. It's a Charlie Chaplin performance set in a modern corporate espionage/political farce and worthy of recognition. It's the flaw of doing such effortless work: people don't realize you're acting.

Best Actress

Kim Hye-Ja, Mother

This is the best performance of the year. Period. The distributors were idiots for giving this a one week one theater qualifying run in LA. The film could have been a Pan's Labyrinth-sized hit and it wasn't even given a chance in the US. Pity.

Best Picture

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I did not have more fun in the theater last year then when I watched this film. It was smart, funny, visually interesting, and filled with a lot of heart. The performances were strong across the board and the music catchy and memorable. I just don't know how this slipped by every major awards group.

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