A Plea and a Midnight Rec

Some of you are aware already, but I really am asking for some help if you an spare the time. Basically, I'm entered in the Craftster Haunted Yard contest, but since I'm male, I might as well have decorated my yard with pornography and a giant penis since my kind isn't welcome there unless I were tall, thin, and flashed my abs and smile while displaying my new project. So, three months of work and a prize donation go down the drain as people who put out store bought decorations or just traced and painted video game characters are actually capable of receiving a reply or pat on the back while I am not. I do the decorations for myself, but I'm pretty much done with Craftster once the voting is done. I could knit the Constitution at 100x scale, tattered edges and all, and receive maybe one reply, while someone does a poor cross stitch of the same project that looks like someone signed an x on a dirty handkerchief and make the front page. So here's the plea. Look at the decoration I put up. If you have an account, consider voting for me, or at the very least, replying to my thread. If you don't have an account, I would greatly appreciate it if you even considered registering to do the same. Considering I'm one of two people that actually made my decorations (the only one to come up with the designs on my own, mind you), it would make sense for this web site to recognize what I achieved with green materials. I mean, two entries took their entire projects from last year's special Halloween edition of Make magazine. I can't be the only one who noticed. Sorry to come off as petty and bitter. It hasn't been a good week. Midnight Rec: Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielwski Only Revolutions is a contemporary Modernist novel told through poetry and a historical timeline. Only the novel is read front to back and back to front. It tells to perspectives of the same story. It has color, font change, and size changes throughout. To me, it makes absolutely no sense but in the best way possible. It's just nice to be reminded once in a while that masters like Woolf and Joyce didn't push the boundaries of literature as far as it can go for nothing.

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