For those getting annoying messages for me on Twitter, some minor closure: 1) Still playing phone tag with a music/dance school's owner who just does not like to pick up the phone to talk to potential employees. I'm very close to tossing in the towel there. 2) Still waiting on my paycheck from the music direction job. Here's the latest issue: they decided I can't be paid through the Drama Club after they forced the issue last year. So now I have to be paid through a stipend approved by the Board of Ed. Which would be fine, if not for the fact that I'm being lied to every step of the way. I've been given 5 "You'll be paid by" dates so far and all have passed. They can't keep their excuses straight. And they're taking away part of my pay because elements of my job that were approved last year for this year weren't approved by existing BoE stipend descriptions. 3) A new Drama teacher has been hired for the school, and I made sure everyone knew about it before they got to school today. I expect chaos and rage when I go to run rehearsals I'm not being paid for today. 4) Because I haven't been paid, some big changes have completely fallen through. I was going to upgrade to a shiny new service/server and really push this dog and pony show into something entertaining and easily accessed, but that's not happening. It was part of why I took such a huge break from the blog. I even started designing the site under a few different free trials to determine which service to move to and that's obviously not happening now. Even if (big if) I receive a phone call tomorrow to pick up my check, that leaves me no time to do it. Thanks to all the time I put into my job (that I'm not being paid for), I now have 40+ pages of papers due in the next week and a half for my classes. You might cry procrastination, to which I retort that three of these four papers were assigned last week. 5) Blog will continue again on Friday, as promised, in a highly modified format. I think you'll appreciate the changes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go write up a presentation for tomorrow on a paper about Jean Toomer that isn't due until Monday. Don't ask.

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