Art, Sketch, Craft, or Robert's Got A Brand New Blog

There's obviously a a writerly side to me. I wouldn't be blogging and freelancing and running short story contests and all that other stuff if there wasn't.

There's also a visual arts side to me. If the Halloween decorations don't give it away, the Etsy (very lonely, not for long) should.

This is why I'm proud to announce to opening of a brand new blog through my Typepad account: Art, Sketch, Craft. It will be the epicenter of my artistic output: ceramics, glass work, painting, clay, fabric arts, digital art, decorative work - any and all projects I do will be accounted for. There will be how-to's, concept sketches, step-by-step builds, finished projects, and more.

I'm excited to see where this takes me. The first post is already up, showing what might be the cutest piece I've ever done. This concerns me since I tend not to do cute. Exorcising Halloween demons, perhaps? I'm not sure. Tis the season to play nice, put out the cute stuff, and see what sells. It can't all be giant sea monsters lovingly detailed with dry brushing.

So feel free to swing on by and tell me what you think of the new digs. Comments are always welcome at my sketchy blogs.

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