Best of April 2013 and Coming in May 2013

I'm very pleased with how Sketchy Details has been going this month. As I've long suspected, if I don't take the weekend off, I keep my work pace up and feel better about the quality of the content on the site. I've also been able to post more content each day than I thought I could while working outside gigs and teaching after school programs. Here's the best content from April.



Be sure to check out all of the Spring Into Suspense posts and the beautiful cosplay contest gallery from Quinni-Con 2013.

For May, I have a few events lined-up that I'll be writing about. I'll also be finishing my Quinni-Con coverage and even covering a few things that were missed after New York Comic Con 2012.

I'm also happy to announce that there is a new theme for May. Welcome to AniMAY 2013. I will be putting up new content as often as I can about anime, manga, and Japanese entertainment culture. It's going to be fun. I have some really cool posts planned as well as plenty of room to try out new things and see what sticks. Let me know in the comments below what I should be covering as part of the AniMAY celebration.

May 2013 will also see the debut of The Preston Files. This is the new spin-off webcomic from Food Don't Go Stale in Space. I would love to make more FDGSIS, but it's not a practical option at the moment with all the collaboration that went on to make the series a reality. The Preston Files was always something I planned on running concurrently with FDGSIS. In a nutshell, The Preston Files exposes the creative process of freelance writer Preston who believes any idea could be a million dollar idea if handled the right way. Part pop culture/gag of the week, part journal comic, The Preston Files will come out every Saturday.

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