Brief Update: Camp Job

I'm teaching music and drama to 1-4 grade.

The previous drama director was booted from the job for being a jackass. He vowed to his fellow counselors to steal the job back. It ain't happening.

Thankfully, a choreographing duo is teaching dance. I don't have to if I don't want to.

The people that need to know how amazing I was (their words) last year know, and will not be putting up with BS from the counselors about me. The woman in charge of the camps is bending over backwards to make sure my facilities are adequate; she even had a giant locking cabinet ordered for me so I can lock my equipment up if I so choose (it comes home with me to prep for the next day).

I also don't have to see the same kids every single day. At most, I see a group of first graders 3 times a week. Every other group is twice or less.

Lovely, sprawling campgrounds. And my only other duties are to make sure, for 40 minutes four days a week, the kids don't drown in the sprinklers, sit with the nurse for 40 minutes once a week, and yank kids out of cars/shove parents around into parking places.

On the minus side, I believe a bird flew into my cabin today and started a nest. That, and the horribly leaking problem that poses a significant safety hazard. I requested but a folding chair and my own mop for camp-supplied equipment.

Win some, lose some.

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