Fair and Balanced, or An Important Series of Sketchy Announcements

With all due respect to my readership, I must warn you of what is to come in the month of October.

For one thing, the IMDB Horror Board is hosting its annual challenge to see 31 horror films in October. As such, there may be a few more horror film posts than usual on the site.

Another thing, I will be launching the new version of the Horror Board Short Story Contest tomorrow. Obviously, this is because I never ever have enough to do with running an online business, freelance writing, school, working for a school, building three yard's worth of Halloween decorations, writing music, teaching private lessons, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of Halloween, did you know that's in a month?

Which means NaNoWriMo is in a month and a day?

What I'm getting at is this: There will be lots of horror and horror-connected posts in October. I will do my best to cover a broad spectrum of topics not related to horror, though that's where my head will be.

You've been warned.

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