I Accept Your Challenge, Mr. Prisco, in the Name of the Cause

Pajiba made me do it. No, I will not accept the full responsibility for me challenging myself to another marathon task (cough 365 films take 1 and 2 cough). But this one isn't built on insurmountable odds. Allow Mr. Brian Prisco to explain the rules:

...a challenge has been called out. 100 books in one year...There are rules. No books smaller than 200 pages. Short story collections only count if they are at least 6 stories long. No graphic novels.

While the formal challenge is between Brian Prisco and Alabamapink, they are encouraging others to join along and fight for the cause. And, colorfully put, that cause is:

Why would we undertake such a brutal mission? Frankly, because we’re both disgusted by people who say, “I don’t read.” You are buffoons, who should be taken out back of a woodshed and brutally mauled by a sexually frustrated simpleton armed with leather tanning equipment. Everyone should find time to read a book. Just once or twice a year even. There are lots of them. Some of them are even good.

So there you have it. I will attempt to read 100 books in a year. Though it's not enough of a challenge since that's less than I tend to average voluntarily. Which means I have to add three extra rules for myself: 1. Must be leisure reading. No school/work assignments may be counted. 1a. I may not cop out and republish reviews from other sites I write for to discuss the completed book. New, original material must be posted here. 2. Plays do not count. I don't care if its so long it has to be performed on two separate days to learn the whole story. 3. Poetry collections do not count. While they can be long, the poems tend to be spread out to fill up extra space. No exceptions. Tough words from the lit major, but can he pull it off? Only time will tell. The gauntlet has been thrown and I will not fall on this. Up first: Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates On deck: Blaze by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)

Film Rec: Kung Fu Hustle

Book Rec: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami