Midnight Rec: I'm Exhausted

The theater teacher development day went as planned. I was completely humiliated in three workshops. Just a very tiring day. It swung from open dialogue lecture/seminar environments last year to running around the room mooing like a cow physically demanding (with no warning as to intensity beforehand) set-ups this year. The school I work for won an award at the theater night for having the best stage crew. Well deserved. They did a 30 second set change switching a full dressed formal early 20th century sitting room to the stark interior of Dracula's castle flawlessly, not to mention the bat wirework and effects controlled from the wings. There were plenty of surprises at the awards and for the most part the sponsoring university really seemed to spread the recognition around and get great prizes. Most of the acting winners, for example, are getting an audition and coaching session with a major agent in the NYC/Philly area as well as free tickets to big time theaters in NJ. There's room for improvement and the entire staff took the whole evening as a learning experience. Midnight Rec: I'm Exhausted I have to back out of a formal recommendation today. I've barely slept for days and really just cannot think of anything. I'll make it up to you guys, I swear.

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