Updates at Sketchy Details

I know posting has been lax this week. All I can say is that I'm in tech on a big musical again and barely sleeping. I should be in a better place to put up content every day again once I get past Monday. Tomorrow's the big push to finish all the sets, props, costumes, etc. and Sunday is an eight+ hour rehearsal. Monday is basically an all day rehearsal/promo day and then the workload lightens considerably. I'm still updating Twitter and the Nerdtainment round-up page so be sure to follow me for more content. I did put up the new call for submissions for Foreign Chops at The Lamb. The new theme is anime films and it should be a lot of fun for everyone involved. I'm trying to make the announcements a bit more stylized and entertaining on their own to draw in more readers. Here's the announcement.

I will try to get up a new review later tonight of what I'm seeing today. Thank you for your patience. The site format is going to shift a bit in the next two weeks for the better and I'm excited to unveil it all when my head clears and I start sleeping again.


Watch: Penny Arcade's Strip Search