What's Happening in October at Sketchy Details

31 Days of Horror 2013This is going to be a packed month, people. For starters, welcome back to 31 Days of Horror. That's my annual month-long holiday where I review or write up a different horror media artifact--film, game, book, album, show, etc.--every day. It's a riot. I don't plan ahead. I just consume. I'm on a horror binge, people, and the only cure is more scary nummies.

Second, next week is New York Comic Con. I'm press again, which means I get to make a fool out of myself in front of people I admire by asking the absolute worst questions when my anxiety peaks but I push myself to go ahead with that interview anyway. I'm getting things signed to give away on the site and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as different characters. I just need to, you know, actually construct three cosplays in a week, give or take a day. I'm also finally going to go ahead with a big media project I've had planned for months. It's now or never. Plenty of room for rejection and acceptance at a con this large.

Third, I'll be attending the Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany, NJ on October 26, showcasing my zombie geisha painting, Memoirs of the Dead (top left, need to frame it still to hang), in the art competition. If my one cosplay turns out as well as it could, I'll be entering the costume contest that night, as well. The show is going to be packed with amazing events, like the US convention debut of Weird Al Yankovic, the convention debut of Gilbert Gottfried, and a cast reunion of the Academy Award-winning Oliver!.

I have more stuff to announce as the month goes on. Don't want to over promise and under deliver again. I swear The Preston Files is coming. Really. It's not the Duke Nukem Forever of Sketchy Details. That's the end of any Drag Race season recaps.

So much to do and so little time. I have to prime an entire package of foam today to have any chance of delivering my concept for the new The Haunting Ground on Saturday. I have stitches to stitch, fabrics to paint, and a yard full of props to finish. I have movies to watch, games to play, books to read, and still have to find time to catch up on Oscar madness with all the new releases coming out. You can keep up with the haunt stuff at the Sketchy Haunt Tumblr.

It's going to be wild. What are your October plans? Share them below.

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