365 Sketch 2015: Day 37 & 38: Pacman and Prince of the Cosmos

I forgot to post my sketch yesterday. Whoops. It's Pacman in marker and red charcoal. It's so cute. 365 Sketch 2015: Day 37: Pacman

Marker and compressed charcoal.

Then today, I did the Prince of the Cosmos from Katamari Damacy in marker and red charcoal as well. You basically do a pencil sketch, ink it, erase the pencil, and then start layering on the charcoal. This red stuff doesn't spread as easily as the vine charcoal, but it layers beautifully and compliments the white charcoal nicely. It looks different from the Pacman drawing because it's on toned brown, rather than gray, paper. Less contrast.

365 Sketch 2015: Day 38: Prince of the Cosmos

Marker and compressed charcoal.

365 Sketch 2015: Day 39: Oracle

365 Sketch 2015: Day 36: Dog Doodle