365 Sketch 2015: Day 97: Happy Misfit Day

Happy Misfit Day to all, and to all an amazing time. 365 Sketch 2015: Day 97: Happy Misfit Day

Watercolor pencil and marker.

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You might be saying to yourself, "Who is Misfit?" Great question.

Misfit is the best DC superhero yet to officially return after the New 52 reboot.

Gail Simone created Misfit as part of her Birds of Prey run. Misfit originally emerged as a shadowy alternate-Batgirl in a close-enough costume who fought crime at night. When confronted about her almost-Batgirl-ness, she created her own character.

Misfit, signified by the awesome red hair, yellow and purple cape, and stylized M (like batwings) on her chest, is a martial arts fighter. She can also teleport anywhere without real knowledge of the map of the land. She's amazing. It's like a comics fan got to become a superhero and relishes every moment.

Misfit Day is April 7. Fans create Misfit art and share Misfit stories. We celebrate one of the great unheralded superheroes in hopes that one day, she may return to the comics and be the star we know she's meant to be.

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