365 Sketch 2016: Monsters #1 #DrawMoreMonsters

Last year, I set out to draw every day in 2015 to improve my confidence and skills as an artist. I wound up using drawing almost ever day in my work in music and theater. I didn't share about half of them because they would have been, shall we say, incomprehensible without the design and textual context of that music and theater work. Not this year. This year, I'm going to draw monsters. I want to draw 365 original characters in standalone or connected illustrations I can claim as my own. Some will be pulled from last year's sketches, some from previous haunted house projects, and a whole lot pulled from whole cloth.

Here's the first monster for 1 January 2016. Watercolor pencil, colored pencil, and compressed white chalk on mixed media paper. 7x10.

DrawMoreMonsters 01.01.16

366 Sketch 2016: Monsters #2 #DrawMoreMonsters

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