AniMAY2015: Re-Kan: First Impressions

I am going to be truthful. I have barely watched an episode of Re-Kan. I'm busy. I went straight from a very challenging stage musical into moderator duties for AP testing and I'm basically the walking dead right now. What I can say is I'm on board for a simple reason: this cutie.

AniMAY: Re-Kan

Re-Kan is seinen comedy series about Hibiki Amami, a high school girl who can see dead people. Literally. That's the concept. Ghosts talk and interact with her all the time. The cutie in the photo above almost killed her in a crosswalk in the first five minutes of the first episode.

Basically, it looked like a very typical high school comedy about a girl moving to a new school and evolved into amazing nightmare fuel. When another student saves her, the camera pans down to reveal Hibiki's bruised and bloodied legs covered in hand prints. Hibiki acknowledges the ghost meant her no real harm and--bam!--there's a nightmarish gray child with black eyes and fangs clutching on for dear life and creating more bruises. Then the girl who saved Hibiki looks in a reflective plate on a lamppost and sees the terrifying child.

Hilarious, right? Well, it is to me.

Re-Kan is streaming on all the anime-friendly platforms, including HuluPlus and CrunchyRoll.

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