House Haunt 2009: Twas Brilig, Naturally

If it's scary when the Muppets do it in a joking manner, who knows what twisted stuff I'll come up with?

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll has long been one of my favorite poems. Elizabeth Swados' version for Alice in Concert/At the Palace places Alice (Meryl Streep) as the Jabberwock slayer, while Disney lets the Cheshire Cat look more insane with a nonsense song.

The best part is how many effects I could justifiable start working on to really sell the scene, like a laser vortex for behind the Jabberwock, a flying crank ghost modification for the fearsome JubJub bird, or a tree stump trauma for another critter to pop out of and scare the chirren. I can even bust out some standbys like the giant spiderweb or flickering glowing letters warning of the danger. I might even try to do an endless tunnel/bottomless pit set up with Alice attempting to escape something. 

95 days to go and I have a solid theme. Much better than my Forgotten Works of Edgar Allan Poe concept I was considering since November 1. Much better.

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