The Gallery: H.C. O'Neill (fenrislorsrai)

The Gallery is a new recurring feature for Sketchy Details. It is a showcase for visual artists I think you should know. The first subject is H.C. O'Neill, owner of fenrislorsai over at Etsy. Her anthropomorphic and fantasy sculptures are pretty darn breathtaking. Her shop's tagline, "Cute, Cuddly, and Cannibalistic" isn't just a catchy turn of phrase.

Blood Jaguar by H.C. O'NeillTake, for instance, her aptly titled "Blood Jaguar" sculpture.

A jaguar in Mayan ceremonial garb prepares a sacrifice of blood. Beautifully textured with subdued shades of red, green, blue, and yellow, this eight inch tall sculpture is pretty remarkable. The subject is a little offbeat but the execution cannot be denied.

The subject fits in well with H.C. Neill's background. She has a degree in anthropology and likes to play with cultural imagery unfamiliar in America. It's a good starting point for her series of one of a kind artwork.

Comfort by H.C. O'Neill There's something to be said about an artist following a unique strand of inspiration. H.C. Neill has an affinity for animals and give them human qualities.

Her sculpture "Comfort" is a perfect example of this. What adjectives do you think of when you think of a hyena? Are any of them mother, caring, comforting, loving, or familial? Yet here is a hyena in a slightly unnatural pose, otherwise looking rather accurate, cuddling her young child. Dressed in African garb and staring at her child with clear blue eyes, this mother is anything but shrill or aggressive.

H.C. O'Neill's sculptures range anywhere from $15 to $300 in her Etsy shop. She is certainly an artist worth knowing.

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