The Nerdiest Cookie Cutters

My fellow nerds, I come before you today to enlighten you. By now you are familiar with 3D printing. The technology is rapidly improving and reducing in cost, meaning more independent companies, artists, and designers are using 3D printing to create amazingly nerdy merchandise you won't find anywhere else.

I don't know how Warpzone Prints escaped my notice so far, but now they're on my radar and I'm excited. Warpzone Prints makes, among other merchandise, 3D printed cookie cutters in super nerdy designs. They have your standard outline cutters. They also have those specialty cookie cutters with the extra pieces that impress character traits onto the cookie before baking. Christina Viseu, sometimes of Geek & Sundry Vlogs, has an adorable Sailor Moon cookie tutorial that demonstrates the beauty of the product.

Sailor Moon is just one of the fandoms included on Warpzone Prints. I popped open the Anime category first and was greeted by Attack on Titan chibi characters, Dragon Ball Z logos, and all the major players in Miyazaki's films. Now I want to have a Totoro party and wear my Totoro shirt and show off my Totoro prints. I have a Totoro problem, okay?

They offer some really practical designs, as well. I haven't seen such a lovely jack-o-lantern cutter set before. This one lets you set the shape of the pumpkin, then choose which face you want to press into the cookie.

Since the cookie cutters are made of ABS plastic, they are strong and dishwasher safe. There's an expansive FAQ section detailing all the mediums the cutters have been used on. I would be interested in some of these for craft purposes and I think the right preparation could make them safe to use in clay. They also do custom designs and have all the instructions on that process.

And if you're not sure what to do (as cookie recipes can be the make or break factor in specialty cut-outs like these), WarpZone Prints offers suggested recipes. The one in the video is referred to as the Best Sugar Cookies EVAR and it looks solid. The royal icing recipe is good, too.

Check out all the nerdy goodies at WarpZone Prints.

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