This Week in Media: French Nonsense Song Sweep Sites

I really liked the season 5 premiere of Mad Men. The drama between Joan and her mother was especially intriguing. There's a strange dynamic there that brings out the worst in Joan, even when she's away from her mother's clutches. So much happened to define how the characters have changed since Season 4. The end of the episode sees Don and his new girlfriend Megan literally clinging to each other for support after a passive aggressive fight. Peggy is letting her inner alpha out in a big way. Pete is throwing his weight around and demanding all the attention. The owners of SCDP are acting out with silliness in the face of losing everything they have, leading to a waiting room filled with African American men and women applying for a job that doesn't exist.

Yet, if you read about the premiere from most sources, the only thing that happened is that Megan sang "Zou Bisou Bisou" as a gift for Don's birthday. A silly moment? Yes. An enjoyable one? Of course. The key takeaway from two hours of Mad Men? Hardly.

Really interesting happenings in other media were ignored all week to talk about a French nonsense song. See if you can pick up which references I'm laying down. One is political, one is cartoon, and one is just fabulous.

Mad Men Fever

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What was on your media radar this week?

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