Winner: The Art of Video Games Giveaway

Last week, I announced a giveaway inspired by the Smithsonian Museum of American Art exhibit The Art of Video Games. Today, I can announce the winner with her story. The Winner

Congratulations, Kerri. I'll e-mail you later today to get your shipping information.

Here's Kerri's favorite video game memory:

My favorite video game memory is playing king’s quest with my grandmother. She was so good at all of her games that she wrote her own walkthroughs. This is back when commands were text based, so it really helped me learn how to read And type accurately. There was a part where you had to get something from a desert but Medusa was there, so you’d have to enter the screen and type really fast to get your mirror out to kill her before she got you. My grandmother would let me figure stuff out for myself, but if I got stuck she was always there to help me. We played through all of the king’s quest, space quest, quest for glory, and leisure suit larry together. She was such an awesome gamer.

I plan on having more giveaways at the site in the future. This will certainly not be your last chance to win.

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