Watch: Attack on Titan Stop-Motion Fan Film

Attack On Titan Stop Motion I'm a big Attack on Titan fan. Who isn't at this point? It's such a strong action/sci-fi anime and manga that it's kind of hard not to like.

For the uninitiated, in an undisclosed future, the world has been overrun by 50' tall humanoid monsters called Titans. They look like us, only nude with no naughty bits and gigantic mouths. They also eat humans and rampage villages. The surviving humans on Earth live in a set of three walled off cities contained within each other. The walls kept the titans out until recently, when a never-before-seen titan broke down the wall and led a rampage through the outer ring of civilization. Now a group of determined young people suit up to join the special forces troupe that take the fight to the titans themselves.

The quality of animation and art is stunning. The stories and characters will make you scream, sob, and laugh in equal measure. Attack on Titan is already popular enough in Japan that a theme park exists, restaurants have specialty Attack on Titan value items, toys and clothing litter the shelves like One Piece and Pokemon, video games have received international releases, and live action film adaptations have already been made.

Unfortunately, critical reaction to the two part film is mixed, at best. The reviews I read were so poor that I decided not to get tickets for the special screenings in America. It takes a consistent wave of negative criticism to keep me away from something I enjoy so much.

Leave it to the fans to get things right.

No, Jordan Tseng did not make his own live action short film. He did something even more ambitious. Tseng is releasing a series of short, stop-motion/digital animated films on YouTube. They follow fan-favorite Mikasa fighting titans to save the lives of popular anime characters. It's adorable and terrifying in equal measure. See who you recognize in the first short fleeing from our future oppressors.

Via The Mary Sue.

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