Watch: The Peanuts Movie Trailer

Is it wrong that I'm optimistic about The Peanuts Movie? I know the art style could throw people off. I know the prospect of another modernization of an older classic is a big question mark for some. I just don't think that's going to happen here. The trailer shows off the style and charm expected from Charles M. Schulz' classic comic strip, only with a more modern design sensibility. Sure, there was no real reason to create these 3D models, but they're still in the spirit of the simple line art that defined the comic. The characters are nice big round shapes with simple faces and costumes/hair to set them apart. It feels to me like it's no different from making a Peanuts plush doll or Hallmark ornament.

As you can see, this is basically a non-musical remake of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown in its scope. Charlie Brown has a crush on the little red-haired girl, but can't bring himself to actively do anything about it. He enlists the help of all his friends to try and impress her while revisiting gags like the baseball game, 5 cent therapy sessions, and Snoopy sneaking into the classroom.

I'm on board.

The Peanuts Movie is also doing a cute little promotional thing. You can turn yourself into a Peanuts character. It's a basic character creator game, but in that updated Charles M. Schulz style. Here's how mine turned out:

The Peanuts Movie Character Creator

The Peanuts Movie comes out 6 November 2015 in theaters. Will you see it?


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