The Lego Movie Blu-ray Giveaway Winner!

I just punched the entries into and I'm happy to announce that GreySkye is the winner. GreySkye, I need you to shoot me a message at with your name, shipping address, and e-mail so you can get your prize straight from the company. Thanks to everyone who entered and remember: everything is awesome!

The original list and randomized list below the jump.

The original entries:

Callipipper (disqus) greyskye (disqus) Natalie y (disqus) callipipper (twitter) greydancer (twitter) memoryanddream (twitter) willg(twitter) miss-m (facebook) mia (facebook) anita (facebook) jessica (facebook)

The randomized list:

greyskye (disqus) Callipipper (disqus) callipipper (twitter) Natalie y (disqus) miss-m (facebook) greydancer (twitter) willg(twitter) jessica (facebook) anita (facebook) mia (facebook) memoryanddream (twitter)

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