April Fool's Day: The Snowening

New Jersey was attacked by a bitter snow storm this morning. Clearly Mother Nature is playing a joke on us to get back at The Jersey Shore. Sure, it's given way to rain and already melted, but it was an unwelcome sight in April. If I'm going to be attacked by snow, then you're going to be attacked by Snow.

Now that we're on equal footing, can I tell you about the greatest April Fool's Day prank ever?

It involves a little film called, fittingly enough, April Fool's Day. It plays out like your typical 1980s teen slasher film. A group of friends are invited to spend Spring Break at a cabin on an island in a lake. On the way there, a deck hand is pushed off the boat and dies a gruesome death. Their hostess, Muffy St. John, set up many pranks throughout the cabin. They range from benign--whoopie cushions and trick glasses--too disturbing--heroin paraphernalia in a guest room. Then the friends start disappearing one by one.

What's the joke? People thought it was a serious slasher film. What's brilliant about the film is that director Fred Walton and screenwriter Danilo Bach meet and subvert every expectation of the slasher film. You get your gore shots, but not how you would expect them. Young people get their comeuppance, but in strange ways. The ending of the film is the best part and why so many have such fond feelings for what's ultimately a mediocre slasher/comedy. But I don't want to ruin the surprise.

In conclusion, remember the true meaning of the holiday: celebrating the new year through bloody sacrifice to golden idols: