Coming Soon: Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon

Special thanks to the Monster Lady herself, Mia, for bringing this topic to my attention over at Regretsy today. I'm sure I've mentioned the film Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon before, right? Last week was the latest edition of "watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it." Considering the entire film is a send-up of and valid entry in the slasher genre, it should be no surprise that writer/director Scott Glosserman would want to make a sequel to the film. What does he have to lose?

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a faux-documentary horror film about Leslie Vernon's attempts to be the next superstar serial killer. In this world, all those slasher films actually happened. By the end of the film, Vernon has entered the fray in a bloody massacre. It's a slasher film so that's not a spoiler. What he specifies, however, is that the number one thing a killer needs to be able to do is fake his own death. Clearly, if a sequel goes off, Vernon was successful.

There is now a Facebook financing campaign to get Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon off the ground. Just check out the promotional video.

Forget the navel gazing "woe is me" rant at the start of the video. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon was a tiny little satirical independent horror film that managed to play in some very large theaters in NYC and LA before finding an audience on DVD. That's better than most first time feature filmmakers can do out of the gate. The film got strong reviews, even from some critics who are usually not big on horror films.

Oh, did I mention the rant was done by Leslie Venon himself and the lovely lady who pops up is one of his slasher mentors? That's kind of important to get the point of the promotional campaign. If you had any doubt of the direction of the sequel, seeing Leslie Vernon (the talented Nathan Baesel) express his disdain with being ignored as a major slasher figure should set you straight. We're in for another documentary that might even be shot by Vernon's own crew this time. How far can they blur the line between reality and slasher fiction? Judging by that video: very far.

So how can you help out this sequel that's worth getting excited about? There are many ways. Probably the most beneficial thing to do would be to go to the Facebook page and make a contribution to the fund. You can pre-order the deluxe DVD for $24 or versions of the poster starting at $14. Pre-order merchandise? Yes. The film is raising money by letting you purchase your movie memorabilia in advance. If they don't reach their fundraising goal, you don't get charged at all. If they do, you get the DVD, poster, or some advanced combination of the two delivered to your door.

If that's too pricey (as it is for me right now), you can help out by liking the Facebook page. You can tweet the link, post it on your wall, or even write a blog post about it for promotion. Digg it, Reddit, Del.i.cious it, Buzz It--whatever your social network of choice, consider sharing that Facebook link.

You know by now that it's a rare day that I'm out here shilling for anybody but myself*. Actually, I can't even remember another time where I've asked you to spend money or promote something beyond my own immediate interests. I'm the definition of biting the hand that feeds me. I ripped apart a new Broadway musical that gave me free tickets and offered to wine, dine, and Q&A me. I've leaked bad press from advanced film screenings (like Piranha 3D and The Road) and posted horrifying stories from conventions I was given free admittance to all over the Internet. I believe enough in the potential of another Leslie Vernon film to draw attention to their fundraising cause.

For the sake of good and innovative horror entertainment, share the news of the Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon fundraising campaign. How often do we get a chance to help out a critically acclaimed independent horror film launch a franchise? We don't.

Still need convincing? Maybe the trailer for the original film will jog your memory and spur action.

So are you excited or super-excited for this? Sound off in the comments.

*You should visit the April's Army Charity Shop and buy something bizarre (preferably my Stealth Mode Piggy Bank or one of my grandmother's Rooster Art Prints) to help Katie and Marilyn pay off their huge medical debt.

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