Film Rec: In Bruges (2008)

Thank you for your patience. I am finally finished with discussing Ulysses, and feel like this: (sorry, I couldn't find an embeddable video, please follow this link and watch from 2:10 to 2:30 to see the relevant segment) Actually, I believe this may be a more accurate representation. Just replace "Atlas Shrugged" with "Ulysses".

Though I could never give up books. I'm hopped up on typeset like a crackwhore down to her last rock. I was also very, very tempted to just post this as my film rec, since it is far superior to any film I could think of recommending today: But that would be cheating, and my doctor side did state I was responsible for submitting all incomplete posts by today. Film Rec: In Bruges (2008) There are two very good reasons why In Bruges came out of nowhere and received so many Golden Globe nominations: 1) How many other comedy/musical films released this year were even halfway good?; 2) It's an incredibly imaginative, well thought out screenplay brought to life by just the right cast. My fingers hurt from the marathon of typing still (crybaby), so I'll present a clip to prove my point: Smart? Dry? Dark? Oddly funny? Messed up? You betcha. Watchy watchy.

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