Film Rec: Memento

So, so sick. I'm ever so ill. And there are three suspects: my father, who took off from work on Monday, my brother, who has been complaining ever since someone threw up on him in NYC, and my eye doctor, who couldn't stop coughing in my general direction yesterday. Which one did it? I have no clue. I just know that breathing is a chore and my throat feels like a brillo pad caught in a drain pipe. Film Rec: Memento How do you make a mystery film even more thrilling and confusing? By telling the story completely out of order and actually making it work. How can you tell it works as a story? By watching the DVD cut where everything is put in chronological order under special features. It's hard enough to create a good mystery film, even harder when it's not based on a crime being committed. Try then maintaining the suspense and intrigue while chopping the story up and serving it out of order. Then, make sure its cohesive and all adds up in the end without revealing anything too soon. A short entry, for sure, but a relevant one. Memento is all about the writing. Watch it.

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