Film Rec: The Queen (2006)

I know it's an unpopular opinion to really love The Queen, but I can't help myself. A major reason for that is the masterful screenplay. Film Rec: The Queen (2006) Most people look at The Queen for Mirren's performance. I say that's a noble reason, but should not be the primary reason. Sadly, I feel her well-deserved Oscar will overshadow the accomplishments of screenwriter Peter Morgan for as long as the film is viewed. Peter Morgan's screenplay isn't about the wordplay. Yes, it's clever, dry, and amusing in a right proper British fashion. That's a given. In fact, I'd go so far as to say if a British film about royalty doesn't give that impression straight off, it's most likely not a good film at all. What Morgan does is create scenarios to constantly develop the character of The Queen. The strongest example is the deer/hunting scene. Yes, cinematography made it glorious. But Morgan was the one who wrote of The Queen's entire dilemma and character matching a wild deer that she lets go. Couple that with her loyal corgies looking up to her no matter what, and in one shot you define the entire plot of The Queen. Honestly, I feel The Queen is undoubtedly the strongest film released in 2006 and, if anything, wasn't acknowledged enough during awards season. Give it a try; I bet you'll like it.

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