Films That Are Actually Offensive To Fat People

Dear Pajiba staff,

While I appreciate the effort in putting together a list that points out the horrible treatment of the overweight population of America, I do not believe you even came close to dredging the depths of films that make NAAFA cry. Here's a trio of alternate suggestions that actually offend everyone, but especially the overweight.

1) Feed - a horror film made by a bunch of people who thought a sexual fetish was so disgusting everyone would be horrified; they're half-right: the film is horrifying in all levels of execution, but not because of the subject matter. However, the 90 minutes (roughly) of "eww...fat people getting fatter...don't you want to just puke?" is pretty damn offensive to everyone:

2/3) Crazy Fat Ethel/2 (AKA: Criminally Insane) - it's kind of a psycho-biddy film, but with a crazy fat lady instead of Bette Davis. It's all damn unwatchable and the production team believed in their parallel that obesity is the equivalent of a hockey-masked machete-wielder or chainsaw-wielding deformed guy so much they made two:

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