Flick or Skip: Conan the Barbarian (Opens 19 August 2011)

On this edition of Flick or Skip, we decide if the upcoming remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger cult classic is worth seeing based on the trailer alone. I have admitted in the past that I'm not big on action films. This series of Conan films happens to contain two of the action/adventure films I really enjoy. They're ridiculous and over the top, but the world is interesting and the conflicts and magical elements are engaging. Flick or Skip: Conan the Barbarian Remake Edition

This trailer is big on action and small on character. I'm not fan. I've actually avoided other trailers for the film since it was released. It just seems like a bunch of nothing. There are blades and wars and quasi-exotic desert locations filled with weirdly dressed warriors. There doesn't seem to be an overriding story.

Maybe the other two trailers show something different? #2, Red Band, and no.

This is a skip. Unless you have to see every action film that comes out, avoid it.

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