Flick or Skip: Hanna (Opening 8 April 2011)

Hanna is a film that is going to garner a lot of attention whether it's any good or not. Films with children, especially girls, physically fighting always do. But is there more to the film than that novelty? Let's watch some trailers to find out.

Interesting. Very interesting. It has a storybook-like feel with the text but that's immediately betrayed by the scoring. Then the fights break out. My one concern is how many different scenes are shown. Have we seen the whole film because of this trailer?

That trailer has a very different tone. Not jarring, but not the same wiz-bang action feel as the first. I like it a lot more. It plays up the science fiction notes a lot more than the rogue example of a DNA test in the first trailer without being intimidating. It also seems to reveal a lot less of the overall plot but gives an idea of how the story will actually flow in the first 40 seconds of the trailer. I will say I prefer the playful music at the end of the first trailer and hope that pops up in the actual film.

You have Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett and Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan in a sci-fi/action film about a girl trained to be a killer. I think I've figured out a few plots points that I won't go into and I just hope they don't play out as hokey as they could be. Joe Wright, director of Atonement and Pride and Prejudice is just spinning into a different aspect of his previous work. We again have a strong female heroine, but the period dialog is replaced by action and speculative fiction.

My instinct says see it based on the pedigree of the project alone, though that potential plot twist I'm thinking of gives me pause. Would the film really go that cliche? Why does Cate Blanchett's character have to burn that file on Hanna? Please let me be wrong there. Let the film avoid that pitfall or at least spin it in a new way. Even with that possible flaw, it's probably a solid little sci-fi/action film and those are always crowd pleasers. Flick it, for sure.

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