How to Handle Film

I do want to discuss film on the blog. And here's the simplest way to stay on topic:
1. Discussion of screenplay of a new film. Meaning, how's the writing? Does the plot hold up? Do I learn enough about the characters? Is the dialogue any good?
2. Recs. Catalog recs are on DVD/home video. Box Office recs are currently in theaters.
3. Reviews. As in, my own well written reviews linked off the site. Easy peasy, right? So let's bring out the first recs of the new blog.
The first Box Office rec is: Forgetting Sarah Marshall I can't think of a better new(ish) film to launch these recs with. The screenplay is close to perfection. Everything is built upon what came before and key details are reflexive in clever ways. As in, you hit the climax and suddenly everything established before comes back to whack you upside the head and help you understand the importance of it. And not in a knock you out of the film and lose interest kind of way. The characters are well defined and interesting (including the smaller parts) and the story is engaging. Not to mention the strong dialogue and effective use of flashback.
And the first Catalog rec is: Cat People (1942) It's one of my favorite films of all time. It's one of the most subtle monster/transformation films you could ever see. It has great dialogue that establishes the situation without being overtly scary. The plot creeps along, slowly establishing a sense of dread that grows straight through the end of the film. If you have any interest in writing horror, watching horror, or building suspense, Cat People should not be missed. It's currently available on a double disc DVD release with Curse of the Cat People, the sequel that has almost nothing to do with the first film but everything to do with good fantasy writing.
First film post of the new blog. I'm kind of digging it.

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