Netflix Max: Turning Movie Recs Into a Game

Twice now, I've had the opportunity to test out a new feature Netflix is rolling out for Instant Watch on gaming consoles. Netflix Max turns the process of finding a new recommendation into a video game. You know how there's that really tedious page on the Netflix site where you rate screen after screen of movies? Netflix Max could eliminate it.

You are greeted by a game show host-type named Max. He offers you three categories of film that, based on your viewing history, you might be interested in. You are then given a randomly selected group of eight films to choose from. Rate them from one to five stars if you've seen them, or indicate that you're not interested. If you haven't seen them, just press skip.

From there, things get interesting. Netflix Max will recommend a title in that genre even if you skipped all eight category samples. The first recommendation will be introduced with an audio summary of the series to entice you. You can read the summary, start playing it, let Netflix know you've already seen it, or pass on the option.

The second recommendation goes the same way. Max maintains his composure and offers you a back-up pick. Read about it, play it, rate it, or pass it.

The final round is a choice of five rapid fire recommendations in the category. Yes, no, or rate it. If you don't choose one of the five, Max gets very sad. He wishes you good luck while encouraging you to give him another shot in the future.

In two to three minutes, you let Netflix know about your genre preferences in relation to other genres, offer your opinions on at least nine films, and get a chuckle out of Max's banter. It's a win-win scenario even if you don't get your next viewing off of the service.

So what do you think? Would you try Netflix Max if you had the chance? It's what needled me into finally watching Tucker & Dale vs Evil over the weekend. Sound off with your thoughts below.

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