Online Streaming for Foreign Chops: Mexico

The theme for Foreign Chops #12 at The LAMB is Mexico. I wanted to choose another theme with a lot of titles available to stream online. I exceeded my expectations with this one. Between Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus, there are well over 50 films on topic that can be streamed before the 5 June deadline for entries. The list is not a judgment of quality or accessibility. Some of these films have bad reviews and some of them do not have English subtitles. It is merely a resource to help you plan your viewings for Foreign Chops #12: Mexico.

If you're a member of The LAMB, you can submit up to 5 posts about films from Mexico. That’s 5 total per site, not 5 per author per site. They can be new or old reviews, features, or retrospectives so long as they focus on Mexican films. Send the links to me at by Midnight EST on 5 June. Include “Foreign Chops” in the subject line of your e-mail. I will send you a confirmation if I receive your message, so don’t be afraid to message me again if you haven’t heard back from me.

On Netflix Instant:

  • 2501 Migrants: A Journey, dir. Yolanda Cruz: A documentary about an artist creating 2501 unique statues representing all the people who left his town.
  • Abel, dir. Diego Luna: A young boy assumes the responsibilities of his absent father while blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.
  • Atrocious, dir. Fernando Barreda Luna: Two teenage siblings face more than they bargained for while investigating an urban legend.
  • Los bastardos, dir. Amat Escalante: A crime/thriller about two Mexican day laborers in LA taking on a high-paying job.
  • Biutiful, dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu: Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film. A bleak film about a man guided through life by his terminal cancer diagnosis.
  • Chevolution, dir. Luis Lopez, Trisha Ziff: A documentary about the iconography of Che Guevara.
  • Circo, dir. Aaron Schock: A documentary about a long-running circus struggling to find success over 100 years after they started performing.
  • Cochochi, dir. Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán: Two indigenous children are sent on a long journey to deliver medicine to a remote location.
  • Daniel & Ana, dir. Michel Franco: A brother and sister are kidnapped right when their lives seem to be on the perfect path to happiness.
  • For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, dir. Dean Wright: A war story about the Cristeros War, where the Mexican people fought against the atheist government.
  • El infierno, dir. Luis Estrada: A man deported from the United States gets involved in the narcotics trade.
  • Innocent Voices, dir. Luis Mandoki: A young boy attempts to avoid the raging war in 1980s El Savador.
  • Labios rojas, dir. Rafa Lara: A man faces problems with his wife after his new job causes him trouble.
  • Like Water for Chocolate, dir. Alfonso Arau: Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film; winner of Golden Ariel for Best Picture in Mexico. A love story about a relationship that cannot be through the lens of magical realism.
  • The Mexican Suitcase, dir. Trisha Ziff: A documentary about the Mexican Suitcases, three large cases lost during WWII containing photography of the Spanish Civil War.
  • Morgana, dir. Ramón Obón: The ghost of a woman who committed suicide in the 19th century causes severe problems in the present day.
  • No eres tu, soy yo, dir. Alejandro Springall: A man's new wife leaves him, sending him back into the arms of a string of ex-girlfriends.
  • Once Upon a Scoundrel, dir. George Schaefer: A greedy man has a woman's fiance thrown in jail so he can be with her. The fiance hatches a plot to convince the man her fiance's ghost is haunting him until he's freed.
  • Parque via, dir. Enrique Rivero: An elderly groundskeeper isolates himself from the world until the sale of the house he works for forces him back into society.
  • Pastorela, dir. Emilio Portes: Winner of Golden Ariel for Best Picture in Mexico. A new priest recasts the role of The Devil in the Nativity Play, putting two men in a battle for ownership of the role.
  • Perpetuum Mobile, dir. Nicolás Pereda: A truck driver is forced to bond with his mother after they find out his grandmother passed away in her house alone.
  • Santa Claus, dir. René Cardona: Santa Claus teams up with Merlin to stop the Devil from destroying Christmas.
  • Saving Private Perez, dir. Beto Gómez: A crime lord is sent on a suicide mission by his mother to recover his lost brother.
  • Solo con tu pareja, dir. Alfonso Cuarón: A man who believes he is dying thanks to a false diagnosis from an ex-lover finds love and companionship with a woman who also wants to commit suicide.
  • This is Not a Movie, dir. Olallo Rubio: A man locks himself in a Las Vegas hotel room for the last 25 hours before the world ends.
  • Under the Same Moon, dir. Patricia Riggen: A young boy travels to the United States after his grandmother dies.
  • The Violin, dir. Francisco Vargas: An old man in an unnamed Latin American country is forced to give a checkpoint guard violin lessons every day to pass through for work.

Click through for Hulu Plus titles. On Hulu Plus:

  • ¡¡A Toda Maquina!!, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A comedy about a drifter who gets a job in the motorcycle unit of the Mexico City police force. He falls in love with the same girl as his commander. Spanish only.
  • Alamar, dir. Pedro González-Rubio: A Mayan man takes his son on an oceanic journey before the son leaves to live with his mother in Rome.
  • Bajo la sal, dir. Mario Muñoz: A thriller about a police commander investigating a series of murders who begins to suspect a teenager who makes animated horror films is the murderer. Spanish only.
  • La bandida, dir. Roberto Rodríguez: A musical about a man and a woman on opposite sides of the Mexican Revolution who discover they both lost their partners when they return home. Spanish only.
  • Becloud, dir. Alejandro Gerber Bicecci: Years after a terrible tragedy tore their town apart, three childhood friends agree to reunite in Mexico City.
  • Casi divas, dir. Issa López: Four young women from all over Mexico become national sensations when a producer announces he will cast his next big lead in a nation-wide talent search. Spanish only.
  • Cronos, dir. Guillermo del Toro: Winner of Golden Ariel for Best Picture in Mexico. A mysterious gold artifact believed to grant eternal life reemerges after 400 years, causing chaos and destruction.
  • Deep Crimson, dir. Arturo Ripstein: A thriller about a murderer who preys on women. He loses control of his life when his new female accomplice takes charge of their relationship.
  • Dicen que soy Mujeriego, dir. Roberto Rodriguez: A comedy about a womanizer who can't control his behavior until he falls in love. Spanish only.
  • Escandalo de Estrellas, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A young man who wants to be a movie star goes against his father's wishes and assembles his own production team. Spanish only.
  • The Exterminating Angel, dir. Luis Buñuel: One of my all time favorite fantasy films, The Exterminating Angel is an absurdist drama about dinner guests who find themselves unable to leave a dinner party.
  • Los hermanos mata, dir. René Cardona III: Two neighboring land owners get in a fight over possession of a purebred bull who jumped the fence between their property. Spanish only.
  • El hombre de papel, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A deaf and mute man finds a large currency note on the road. The people of the town attempt to con him out of the money. Spanish only.
  • Las Islas Marias, dir. Emilio Fernández: A film about the lives and challenges of prisoners in a penal colony. Spanish only.
  • Lake Tahoe, dir. Fernando Eimbcke: Winner of Golden Ariel for Best Picture in Mexico. A dark comedy about a teenager who befriends a strange girl who helps him sort through the problem he's been trying to escape.
  • Leap Year, dir. Michael Rowe: A woman enters a violent sexual relationship with a man that causes her to slowly reveal her series of past lovers.
  • Like Water for Chocolate, dir. Alfonso Arau: Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film; winner of Golden Ariel for Best Picture in Mexico. A love story about a relationship that cannot be through the lens of magical realism.
  • ¡¡¡Mátenme porque me muero!!!, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A quack earns $5million on a stolen lottery ticket, putting him in the cross-hairs of a seductress willing to do anything to steal the money. Spanish only.
  • La mesa que mas aplauda, dir. Gilberto de Anda: A Las Vegas entertainer arrives in a small town to help three women open a strip club after losing their jobs in a fight with the mayor's son. Spanish only.
  • Mexicanos al grito de guerra, dir. Álvaro Gálvez y Fuentes, Ismael Rodríguez: During the French Intervention, a Mexican student (who will eventually write the national anthem) falls in love with a French ambassador's niece. Spanish only.
  • El moro de Cumpas, dir. Mario Hernández: A satirical comedy where two champion race horses from two rival towns are prevented from racing each other because of the hostilities between the two towns. Spanish only.
  • Las mujeres de mi general, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: During the Mexican Revolution, a newly promoted general tries to settle down with a peasant girl. Spanish only.
  • No desearás la mujer de tu hijo, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A satirical melodrama about the traditional rules of respect between the father and the son in a family. Spanish only.
  • Nosotros, los pobres, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A poor man who cares for his daughter and paralyzed mother is falsely accused of a crime. Spanish only.
  • El ojo de vidrio, dir. René Cardona Jr.: Five one-eyed revolutionaries take revenge on the man who caused their condition. Spanish only.
  • Recien cazado, dir. Rene Bueno: A romantic comedy about a party boy who wakes up to find he is married to a beautiful woman. Spanish only.
  • Santo contra las momias de Guanajuato, dir. Federico Curiel: Luchador Santo is forced to wrestle Satan once again, only this time he comes with a team of mummies. Spanish only.
  • Santo contra las mujeres vampiro, dir. Alfonso Corona Blake: Luchador Santo must protect a professor's daughter from being transformed into a vampire queen. Spanish only.
  • Santo y Blue Demon contra las bestias del terror, dir. Alfredo B. Crevenna: Luchadores Santo and Blue Demon are called in to stop an underground crime ring from reviving dead bodies with living blood. Spanish only.
  • Santo contra la mafia del vicio, dir. Federico Curiel: Dr. Moon goes on a murderous crime spree in an attempt to reclaim a stolen drug shipment. Only luchador Santo can stop him. Spanish only.
  • El Seminarista, dir. Roberto Rodríguez: A romantic comedy about a young seminary student whose faith is tested by a beautiful young woman. Spanish only.
  • Simon of the Desert, dir. Luis Buñuel: In the 4th century, a deeply religious man believes he needs to do penance to be closer to God. He vows to live atop a pillar in the desert, but the devil keeps trying to tempt him down.
  • El Tigre Negro, dir. Benito Alazraki: A comedy where two brothers attempt to frame the famous bandit El Tigre Negro. Spanish only.
  • Ustedes, los ricos, dir. Ismael Rodríguez: A poor man makes an enemy of a rich and powerful man who sets out to destroy him. Spanish only.
  • The Violin, dir. Francisco Vargas: An old man in an unnamed Latin American country is forced to give a checkpoint guard violin lessons every day to pass through for work.

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