Rust & Bone US Trailer

The first US trailer for Rust & Bone has arrived.

It looks every bit as beautiful as I imagined. Jacques Audiard (Un Prophete, The Beat that My Heart Skipped) was the perfect choice to adapt and direct this film. The source story by Craig Davidson is a romance with a lot of edge. It's violent, it's dark, and it's quite twisted. Audiard is a master at keeping conflicting emotions and tones in balance.

I see one problem coming out of this trailer for a wide viewing audience. I don't think this dreamy romance is clean enough to sell as heartwarming, moving, or romantic. A street fighter falls in love with a whale trainer who suffers a career ending injury. That's not exactly boy meets girl, boy overcomes obstacle to achieve happily ever after territory. It's melancholy and bloody.

At least the trailer reveals that much. There is no hiding the brutality of the fights here. I know the French trailer actually showed the whale attack in more detail than the US trailer, but the US trailer shows the aftermath more clearly.

It'll be interesting to see how the poster design is handled. The French poster focuses on the two leads, but it's not exactly indicating a fairy tale romance. Marion Cotillard's Stephanie looks quite sad. Matthias Schoenaerts' Alain is a bit more hopeful, though the crop right down the front of his face almost brings out a sort of unexpected pain.

Rust & Bone Poster

The US limited release is slated for 16 November. What? Did you expect a US distributor to go wide with a foreign language film starring a well known Academy Award winner and directed by one of the most acclaimed modern directors? Of course not. It's not in English.

Will you be catching Rust & Bone as soon as it reaches a theater near you? Sound off below with your thoughts on the trailer.

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