Sketchy Recs: What to Do This Weekend: 18-20 September 2009

Opening 1: The Informant!

Opening 2: Bright Star

Oscar season already? It gets earlier and earlier every year, I swear. Now is when the studios start to roll out the films they think could have successful awards campaigns but aren't sold they will work out. A comedy starring Matt Damon and a period romance from Jane Campion might not do so hot at the box office, but they really need American reviews from a wide release to push the campaigns to the next gear. Both are supposed to be great films. Catch your choice while you can.

Read: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams: For some odd reason, my anthology edition of Douglas Adams' fabulous set of novels randomly appeared in my room this past week after falling into the ether for years. I'll be revisiting it for a good laugh and even gooder writing this weekend.

Plan: NaNoWriMo: September's halfway gone, leaving my fellow crazy people and I a scant 6 weeks to plan out our 50,000 word marathons starting November 1. Why not look into snowflake outlining? Test out the Momentum Writer software that does not allow you delete any text but autosaves everything into simple .txt files? And don't forget to make your donation to the Office of Lights and Letters and order your 2009 NaNoWriMo t-shirt. The store opened early and the t-shirt is gorgeous.

Watch: Community: Did you see it did you see it did you see it? Community is totally the new Pushing Daisies. And by that I mean a smart comedy geared toward intelligent people that has no chance of long term survival. Catch it while you can!

Have a great weekend everybody! Double post Monday to make up for yesterday's absence.

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