Sketchy Recs: What to Do This Weekend: 6-8 November 2009

Write: Your NaNo: By the end of the day, those participating in the 2009 NaNoWriMo challenge should be at least 10,002 words into their novel. I know I'm not. This weekend is a great time to play catch-up in your free time. It's not like there are any decent movies opening wide enough to write about...

In Theaters: Except for Coco Before Chanel: Imagine, if you will, a biopic that is not about explosions in the person's life. A biopic wherein the focus is on how a person grew to become their more famous version. A biopic wherein the focus is on subtlety and nuance, and a gloriously understated performance by a wonderful young actress. Coco Before Chanel is that biopic. Sure, it's a subtle non-explosive biopic with subtitles. It's also an Audrey Tatou-starring feature that some are claiming is her best performance ever (I'm not sure how it could be better than her stellar work in A Very Long Engagement, but that's my bias popping up). 

Listen: Gutenberg! The Musical - Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording: Not all great shows get to Broadway. Not all producers are dumb enough to believe that every successful Off-Broadway/out of town engagement merits a Broadway production. Gutenberg! The Musical is most likely one of those shows that would have shuttered on opening night. It's tiny, wildly creative, funny, and a completely false recreation of Gutenberg's invention of the printing press. Who doesn't want to enjoy a raucous musical about literacy and publication?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Cannonball Read 2: Book 2: Who Moved My Blackberry? by Lucy Kellaway with "Martin Lukes"

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