The Green Lantern Trailer 3: Positives and Negatives


1) Ryan Reynolds looks less ridiculous among a screen filled with CGI.

2) I understand what The Green Lantern is now and like this direction for the character.

3) Voice over narration used for good and not evil.


1) That's an awful lot of CGI.

2) Why did they hide the backstory of The Green Lantern/Corps until a few days ago?

3) Green versus yellow: will people buy the comic book embodiment of good versus evil spelled out so plainly?

I'm more excited about this film than I have been, but I still have major doubts. The big one is how good does Ryan Reynolds' head look on that CGI suit and does it actually look like he's in the frame now that the effects are finished.

Furthermore, I don't know if this film is going to get out to its target audience beyond fans of the comic. Thor had the Marvel stamp of approval and a massive media blitz. I'm not seeing the same for The Green Lantern. It's almost like everyone is tentative about the film after the not-finished footage trailer got a very mixed reaction (because of the CGI). They're launching a lesser known superhero for the first time on the big screen. There needs to be a gigantic push if they expect an opening weekend return and a chance to build legs through the rest of the summer.

Will I see it? Probably by myself. My brother the comic book connoisseur already swore off the film based on the first trailer and Ryan Reynolds. His instincts are normally good about these things, but I'm kind of hoping he's wrong on this one. I think he's clouded by his horrible reaction to Buried and isn't taking the actual trailer into consideration.

Maybe this trailer is the start of the big marketing push. They have almost two months to sell it to an international audience and that might just be enough time so long as its not sandwiched by two broader appealing blockbusters.