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Update: Macgate 2008: Screw it. I ordered the new Asus eeepc yesterday instead of fixing it right away. By Thursday, I'll be working off of Linux until the time I see fit to schedule an appointment (seriously? with no one in the store?) for a repair. And by repair, I mean they were willing to say that they have to re-install everything. So, in concept, I'll have two new computers for the fall semester, what with all the upgrades they're going to force on me.
I've written it before, and I'm sure I'll have to write it again: someone had to write this thing. God bless them for the effort. There are fight scenes in this film that probably filled ten+ pages of screenplay because of everything involved. And no, I doubt massive fights taking place in rotating gears or over NYC streets with gigantic fantasy creatures were choreographed on the spot by a stunt fighter.
If you're a fan of Hellboy and haven't seen it, I'm very disappointed in you. Can't the Dark Knight wait a couple days? Is Mamma Mia drawing you in that badly? Can you only buy one movie ticket a month and are waiting for X-Files: I Want to Believe? Ok, the last one's a valid answer.
If you're not a fan of Hellboy and haven't seen it, don't be afraid. Sure, the film will elude you at times with questions popping up like: How does the fish guy gain the ability to breathe outside of water by putting on a pair of contacts? There are even bigger logic questions than this but they are pretty major spoilers. They also make less sense.
If you can look past big jumps of logic (even for a superhero movie, though not quite as big as Hancock's bizarre plot twist), it's an enjoyable fantasy film.
Yes, a fantasy film. As in: an ancient war between magical creatures and humans resulted in the development of a golden army with no remorse and no mercy. The truce made them dormant, though the son of the king wishes to resurrect the force and reclaim the Earth as magical domain. Now that's a solid fantasy plot right there.
Throw in bizarre creatures (like hungry tooth fairies), love stories, campy humor, and twins ala I Know Who Killed Me (that they are connected in thought and pain, not strippers) and you have a good time at the movies. Darn pretty, too.
If you liked Pan's Labyrinth or del Toro's less known work (if the latter applies, I'm disappointed that you haven't seen this film), give it a shot. I think it's worth it. And no, you don't need to see the first one to understand the second. It couldn't hurt, though.

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