Watch: Vessel

Danny sees something on the wing. It's not a gremlin and we haven't entered The Twilight Zone. Just because no one else notices the strange lights outside the plane doesn't mean they're not really there. Danny sees something on the wingMore accurately, Danny sees some unidentified object flying right at the late night plane he's riding on. It disappears briefly before landing on top of the plane. The electricity goes out and all controls are shut down.

This is the premise of the short film Vessel from director Clark Baker. The movie combines a lot of practical effects with some nifty CGI to tell a horror/sci-fi story about not so friendly visitors. The sickly yellow lights are creepy enough on a should-be bright white plane before a single alien shows up.

Vessel is moody, well-produced, and hard to shake off. It's the kind of mixed genre story perfectly suited to short film. In just 13 minutes, you experience first contact in mid-air and it's not pleasant.

Vessel has a great website with a bunch of behind the scenes photos and concept art. It's worth exploring after you finish the short. via Shock Till You Drop

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