Why I'm Excited for Fright Night (2011)

Have you seen the new promotional clip for Fright Night? It gives a bit more context to David Tennant's version of Peter Vincent than the little bit we saw in the original trailer.

Here's what I take from the new clip. One, two of the main actors are giving good performances. I always look for that in a horror film. Two, the film is staying true to the tone of the original film. There's humor but also a clear sense of dread onscreen. Three, they aren't just copying the original. The design is updated to reflect 2011 and the character types seem to have shifted. Four, actual vampires. I cannot stress this enough. Vampires can be some of the most terrifying monsters if they're handled correctly. It's just rare to see them nowadays. No psy-vampires, no glitter, no traveling during the day, and no way of surviving an Italian restaurant.

It's rare to get a good film horror remake. I'm not opposed to them* if they try to do something new and aren't just trying to cash in on name recognition. I don't think Fright Night--as fun as it is--is the most widely viewed horror film nowadays. It also, so far, does not look like the 2011 version is just a shot for shot remake. Those never work out.

What say you? Are you up for some real vampire action? Sound off in the comments.

*Did I accidentally poke you in the eye when my nose grew with that lie? So sorry.

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