Coming Soon: Spoiler Alert

I love a good platformer. If it does something new and different, even better. Enter Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert is an upcoming PC/iOS/Android game from first time developers MEGAFUZZ. It is, in essence, a backwards platformer.

Congratulations! Someone has already beaten the game. The villain has been slain and the princess has been saved. Great. Now can you retrace their steps without screwing up the timeline and dying (or missing items) in reverse?

MEGAFUZZ found great partners for delivering a quirky little indie like this. tinyBuild GAMES will be releasing the game first on Steam, then on iOS and Android. They previously made No Time to Explain, and distributed both Not the Robots and SpeedRunners for other indie developers.

We don't know much more beyond the video at this point, but I'm hooked.

Thoughts? Share them below.

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