E309: Good News and Questionable News

I know I haven't posted on video games yet on this blog, but that's because I was waiting on E3 to get going.

There have already been some really interesting announcements, intentional or "not."

One of the early E3 findings was the "leak" of Sony's new PSP design, the PSP Go. Technically, like the Nintendo DS, this new handheld gaming system is not designed to replace the original PSP, but I expect my UMD driven precious to go the way of the dodo; come on, what happened to real Game Boy Advance support once the DS hit the DS Lite remodel? The PSP Go has a phone-like pull out d-pad and buttons and runs only downloaded games. As if Sony didn't have enough issues with pirating and smart-braining of their last handheld.

Microsoft, to me, released some questionable news, and I hope it's just that they didn't reveal all of the information at the press conference. See, Microsoft is developing Project Natal: full motion recognizing gaming technology. That means that you control the entire game with your body - no controllers, no tricks. One of their demos was what we can assume is part of a series of fitness games for the system. The demo was called Ricochet. My question? Didn't Playstation have this exact same game on the PS2? I know they did. It was part of a motion controlled fitness training game created in collaboration with Nike: EyeToy Kinetic. I have a feeling they believe adding their fake Miis to their rip-off Kinetic games will mean its original. Hopefully, it's all a misunderstanding and real details will come out soon.

Most exciting to me: Tons and tons of new first-party Nintendo games: Galaxy 2, Super Mario Brothers Wii 2, a Metroid game, a 4 person collaborative Mario game, a customizable WarioWare, and a new Mario vs Donkey Kong attack of the minis game, among others. Dead. Beautiful. Love it.

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