Play It: Spell My Finger

It's two days later and I can't stop playing the new Adult Swim game Spell My Finger.

Is there a plot? Some greater message? An engrossing character? A decent soundtrack?


You play as a finger flying through "a vast futuristic wasteland littered with all the letters of the alphabet." Your goal is to spell words with the randomly dispersed letters. The scores are given Scrabble-style, meaning each letter is assigned a point value between 10 and 90, and bonus multipliers are available. Each letter added increases the multiplier (a 2 letter word is 2x, 3 is 3x, etc.) and bonus multipliers are added to the total. There is a time limit before you expire (literally).

There's a rush of excitement unmatched by any other Adult Swim game when you're trying to spell out "renaissance" and barely have time left to find a "c," let alone the concluding "e." You will get frustrated, but you will come back for more.

Here's a helpful hint to get you started: the up arrow makes the screen move faster, and the down arrow makes it go slower. The in-game instructions don't specify that, and I learned after one too many  "oh the letter's right in front of me hurry hurry hurry damnit!" moments. Also, the pink arrows act as a delete key if you make a mistake, removing the last letter in your chain.

The only downsides? The game can only handle up to 15 letter words and words with dual meanings (clean and dirty) are not counted. Otherwise, it's solid.

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