GameFanShop Deal Round-Up: April 8, 2013

Have you had a chance to check out my GameFanShop partner site yet? Each Monday, they update their weekly deals. Some are brand new, some are carried over, and some are gone entirely. I'll be doing a quick update post on the new deals, new releases, and even some older games I enjoy that you can get right now through GameFanShop. Shopping at GameFanShop helps fund Sketchy Details so I can offer you new and exciting features on the site. First, if you didn't take advantage of the awesome $46.99 deal for Bioshock Infinite, you missed out. They are sold out of Steam codes for that game right now and I don't know when they will get new stock. There are plenty of other new releases on sale to satisfy your gamer interests.

GameFanShop DefianceDefiance, the MMOshooter inspired by the SyFy series of the same name, is available in two different forms. The regular edition is on sale for $49.99, down from the regular price of $59.99. The deluxe edition is on sale for $59.99 down from $69.99. The deluxe edition includes an additional costume, an extra weapon, an extra shield, extra storage for in-game items, and a 30 day boost in xp and script. The interesting part about Defiance is that SyFy claims the actions of the online community will have an impact on the TV story. I'm curious to see how that plays out in the long-run.

Crysis 3 is on sale for $46.99, a 22% savings on the regular price. The new Tomb Raider is on sale for $36.99, a 26% savings on the regular price. Far Cry 3 with all the DLC is on sale for $33.99, a savings of 37%. And the biggest new release deal of the week is XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $29.99, a savings of 40%.

GameFanShop Alan WakeLast week, I had the opportunity to write a lot about Alan Wake. The horror/noir game has a lot of things going for it. The story is excellent. The voice acting and character development are strong. Alan Wake looks really good and mostly plays well. I came down hard on one element--the FPS controls as the game progresses--because it was the expected choice in an otherwise very inventive game.

Alan Wake with all the DLC is on sale right now for $17.99. That's 55% off the regular price of $39.99. It's more than worth it.

GameFanShop sells digital downloads for computer games. Once you register and your payment goes through, you're e-mailed the code to download your game from Steam, Origin, or the publisher's own website.

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