GameFanShop Round Up: 17 June 2013

Have you had a chance to check out my GameFanShop partner store yet? Now's the perfect time to explore. It's a PC gaming paradise. You get great discounts on PC downloads and get to support Sketchy Details in the process. You shop through my partner store link. When you check out, you register an account that links to my partner store. The transaction is processed and you receive the links to download your games on Steam, Origin, uPlay, or whatever server the developer wants to use. I get a small commission that helps keep Sketchy Details up and running and does not impact your price point.

Here are this week's deals. They all expire on Sunday, 23 June.

Tomb Raider is on sale for $25.99 (48% off). I really enjoyed this adventure game, especially the more realistic take on the long-running series and the strong protagonist. The game is downloaded with Steam.

Remember Me just came out and you can already snag it for $38.99 (22% Off). This stylish sci-fi action/adventure game features a cerebral conceit of mental espionage and warfare. The game is downloaded with Steam.

Defiance is on sale for $34.99 (42% Off). My online friends are still raving about this MMOShooter that I've accidentally mislabeled as an FPS here a few times; 3rd person means I might yet one day play it and do well. This game is downloaded at the official website.

Borderlands 2 is on sale for $29.99 (25% Off). This FPS/RPG hybrid got rave reviews when it was released in September, scoring an 89/100 at Metacritic. This game is downloaded with Steam.

Guild Wars 2 is on sale for $46.99 (6% Off). What can I say? When your free-to-play MMORPG is this well-made and still this popular, you don't have to offer a huge discount to lure in new players. This game is downloaded at the official website.

You can also pre-order Company of Heroes 2 with access to the Beta at my GameFanShop partner store. The game, the open beta, and a bunch of pre-order bonuses to help you when the game comes out are on sale for $52.99 (12% off). The Collector's Edition adds on 24 vehicle skins, a collector faceplate, five extra commander archetypes, and the original Complete Pack for Company of Heroes for $89.99 (10% off).

You can also pick up Xbox 360 Gold Membership cards for $5 to $10 off the retail price this week. The Xbone may be a disaster right now, but the Xbox 360 is still a solid console. In fact, Microsoft is still promoting it as an alternative to the Internet-challenged. Ahem.

So those are this week's deals. Mostly. I don't support IPR trolling so a certain 40K franchise wasn't included in the round up.

These aren't the only games available at my GameFanShop partner store. There are over 1000 games to download right now to suit the preferences of every PC gamer. Browse at your leisure, get great deals on games, and support this site in the process. Everyone wins.

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