Introducing GameFanShop

I've spruced up the layout at Sketchy Details over the last few days, which includes quite a few new ad partnerships. The site has been self-sustaining for years now, earning enough to pay for its own hosting and expenses. The only way to get Sketchy Details to where it could and should be is to increase revenue on the site. I have a lot of ideas of how to do that in the coming weeks and you just need to trust me. The biggest partnership is with a site called GameFanShop. GameFanShop sells PC game downloads through Steam as well as points and membership cards for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and various MMOs. I was accepted into their partnership program earlier this week and added one of their banners to the top of the site.

GameFanShop runs really great sales on PC games. Through Sunday, for example, they have the cheapest price available on Bioshock Infinite. The sales change out every week so you never know what's going to be the next best deal available. There are over 1000 games to choose from in every genre you can imagine so there's plenty to pick from.

GameFanShopHere's how the site works. You click through to the Sketchy Details GameFanShop and browse for downloads. You register your account when you check out for the first time and I get a very fair commission rate for sending you to the site. My commission does not impact your price point and I take the hit on any coupon codes I offer. Once the order is processed, you're e-mailed your Steam code and can download the game immediately. GameFanShop has exclusive deals so it's worth checking out to see if you can get a better price on the game you want.

I have no problem being honest with you guys about how this site works. I figure it's better to let you know that I'm not just cramming random things at you and have a reason for all the changes. If you like Sketchy Details and like to play games, consider shopping through my partner shop. I'm going to do a weekly post exploring the best deals on GameFanShop.

Here are some of the deals that expire on Sunday:

Run your ad-block program if you must, but I'm personally screening all the ads that come through here now. I have deals with game companies, iTunes, Vudu streaming video, and even Rifftrax downloads. The Google Ads that have been here since the rebirth of Sketchy Details are always targeted to you through their algorithm. Everything else is my own effort to anticipate your interests.

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