Play It: Abuba the Alien tends to get a lot of puzzle games with plots. You attempt to figure out what the appropriate course of action is in a given scenario to help your character move on to the next puzzle. The stories aren't usually all that engaging and the characters tend to be pretty annoying. If they aren't hellbent on destroying humanity, they're cloying cute.

Abuba the Alien is very cute. Abuba isn't annoying, either. The principal character tends to disappear into the scene, only essential to move on to the next scene with a simple "Abuba say thank you" in an adorable voice.

Abuba needs to get home, and it's your job to help him. The puzzles are pretty simple, though they are clever in how everything ties together. Some are a bit tricky towards the end, though nothing a little thought can't solve.

Give it a try. You won't regret it.

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