Play It: ClickPLAY 3

The ClickPLAY series is a fun, sometimes frustrating, set of puzzle games. They aren't regular puzzle games, though. Your objective is to find the continue button in each level. You manipulate objects to make the PLAY button (like a VCR, ([>)) appear. This is rarely as easy as it seems. ClickPLAY 3 boosts a whole new series of puzzles with even more bizarre conventions. The series has tipped its hat toward the popular WarioWare games on the Nintendo consoles with this edition. One puzzle sees you feed a monster a box of cereal and a quart of milk for him to poop out the PLAY button. Another sees you picking the petals off of a flower until only the PLAY button remains.

If the game was only an exploration of random clicks on a screen, it would grow old very fast. ClickPLAY games have one play dynamic. Your score is determined by how many clicks you take to complete the game. The lower the total, the better you did. You'll get frustrated as you realize that you could hold the mouse button down to unscrew the light bulb rather than having to click again and again. Or what about trying to complete a wooden Labyrinth maze by shaking the mouse frantically to slide a marble into the final slot?

Where the previous entries became redundant, ClickPLAY 3 has enough variety to continually seem fresh. There are levels so hard I spent far more time than I want to admit trying to solve them. The solutions, though, are clever and part of the fun.

ClickPLAY 3 can be played at

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